Day: 09/01/2023

Mark Roemer Oakland Looks at The Validity of Modular Homes Moving Forward


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, real estate prices aren’t coming down any time soon and the same holds for student debt. Homeownership is the last thing a working individual has the time to think about. However, that could change with modular homes. Let’s check out the validity of modular homes moving forward.

The Details

1. Modular homes are treated as regular homes – When it comes to assets, there’s little to no difference between modular and regular homes. Their price depreciates or appreciates similarly to regular homes and the same holds for mortgages and loans. Most people associate modular homes with mobile homes. However, that’s not the case. Mobile homes aren’t treated as regular homes and aren’t a similar asset class since they aren’t built on a solid foundation. While modular homes are fabricated in the factory, they have a permanent steel-beam chassis and can be placed on …