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These are the Tips and How to Sell Your Home Online Easily and Fast!

Selling a house is not an easy matter. In the process of buying and selling a house, looking for potential and serious buyers also tends to take a long time.

Not only that, even when selling a house, there are times when we are confused about the selling price of the house, so careful thought and calculation is needed.

Luckily, in an era that has been supported by this technology, the presence of the internet has helped many people’s needs, including facilitating the buying and selling process.

Yes, selling houses online today has been done by many people.

The availability of various property sites on the internet also opens up opportunities to sell homes quickly and easily.

However, selling houses online, which has been widely practiced lately, has resulted in high competition in the process of buying and selling houses.

Therefore, you are obliged to sell your house in a smart way.

How to? The following are a number of tips and how to sell a house online fast and easy that can be information for you.

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Use a Credible Property Site

If you want to sell your home online, you may want to place your ad on a number of real estate sites.

Make sure to choose a credible or trusted site.

For example, you can choose a property site

 that offers thousands of property listings

To find out which property sites are trusted, you can confirm this by:

1. Property sites can filter incoming ads

2. Property sites offer reasonable rates (not too cheap or expensive)

3. The property’s website displays the company details and full address fields

The next method is the most important thing, which is to determine the selling price of the house.

 Yes, setting a selling price is not easy.

 You need to think about it carefully by considering many things.

 The smart way to determine the selling price of a property is as follows:

1. Determine the range of land prices based on the Tax Object Sales Value (NJOP) contained in the land and building tax (PBB) payment receipt.

 2. Determine the building price by accumulating the total cost of building the house

 3. Determine the selling price based on the NJOP with a comparison of the price of the object, new acquisition value and the selling value of the replacement tax object.

 In addition, usually the market price will set a higher value than the NJOP, so you need to do a price survey in the neighborhood around the house.