9 Best Wedding Gift Recommendations 

Giving a wedding gift is always the most awaited moment. Especially if the people closest to us are married, such as friends, relatives, to our playmates. This moment is the moment that everyone has been waiting for the most. 

Giving gifts at their wedding is like saying thank you and giving the best offerings for loved ones. But sometimes there are still many who are confused about what gifts to give these people. 

So that you are not confused, let’s discuss together the best gifts that you can give to your loved ones. What are the perfect gifts for a wedding? Check it out below. 


Bedroom Lights 

So that the atmosphere of the house is warmer for the newlyweds, you can give a gift of bedroom lights. This night light is perfect for an electronic wedding gift alternative. In addition to affordable prices, the goods can also be used well by the recipient of the gift. 

This lamp can be installed in various corners of the newlywed’s room. So, you could say it’s very useful, guys. Especially if the lamp model is very unique and aesthetic. It definitely adds to the warm impression in the newlyweds’ interior. 


Rice cookers 

Yep, a rice cooker is a multifunctional cooking tool. Surely the newlyweds really like it if they are given this one gift. This gift can be another alternative for you to give to your loved ones. 

Besides being easy to care for, a rice cooker will also provide its own convenience for its users. Well, when you are going to give this one gift, you can choose a cute motif. So let it be easy to remember guys. 


Sheets and Bed Covers 

Sheets and bed covers can be an alternative too, guys. These sheets and bed covers are perfect for a newlywed gift. In addition to adding to the atmosphere of a newer room, this item can also provide the right comfort for new couples. 

You can choose it with the color that your relatives like. And for sure you can give a good motive. Oh yes, these sheets and bed covers are cheap wedding gifts, you know. But this one gift is not cheap either, so it’s very fitting if you give it to your loved ones. 



Cutlery is a tool that is always used by every home. Well, this one gift you can really give to your friends you know. You can buy it as a set, starting from plates, bowls, forks, spoons, and cups. 

You can adjust it to your friends’ daily needs. What is certain is that you choose the gift by using unique tableware, and rarely used by many people. If possible, give a matching color, so it is very suitable to be given to those who are happy. 


Cooking Equipment 

Do you know, guys, when building a household is the right time to learn to cook, especially for wives. That’s why, a cooking set wedding gift is perfect if you give it to new couples. 

Even though it’s not complete, you can only provide a few cooking utensils, such as a portable stove, toaster, and other tools. What is certain is that this gift will be very useful for newlyweds. 


Unique Displays 

Wanting to decorate a room is usually one of the dreams of newlyweds. Therefore, to help make their dreams come true, you can give this gift to them, you know. So, they can be used as an attractive decoration in their room or home. 

Some of the displays that you can give start from aesthetic statues, jars, to other interesting ornaments. 



Who doesn’t like to look beautiful and smell good? To make the aura of the newlyweds more visible, you can give them a gift of toiletries. This one gift can be the best choice for giving cheap but not cheap wedding gifts. 

Toiletries are the most important thing for every household. So, this gift will be very useful, guys. Oh yes, the toiletries you provide can start from a pair of towels to a set of soap. 


Hotel vouchers 

This hotel voucher is also suitable for you to give, guys. This one gift can be used by newlyweds for their honeymoon. So, this one gift will not be in vain. 

You don’t have to be out of town, you can choose a hotel around your relative’s house. Basically, giving a hotel voucher gift is the same as providing peace for the newlyweds to be refreshed after being busy with their wedding. 


Vacation Tickets 

Vacation tickets apparently can also be an alternative to wedding gifts, you know. You can give this holiday ticket to the newlyweds to be refreshing in another city. However, you have to buy this ticket in advance. So, the recipient of your gift can get ready to go on vacation. 

Those were the 9 best gifts you can give to newlyweds. Wedding gifts don’t have to be expensive, but the important thing is that the gifts are very useful for them. 

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