How To Sell Your Own House

Sell Home

Maybe the economy will have improved in several months. Maybe layoffs will have stopped and rehiring will have begun. But a second wave of the virus could also send us back into lockdown limbo.

Not only can this help find you a buyer, but someone who comes through a friend eases the process. Still, if you feel up to the job, don’t let those reasons deter you! You can indeed save money, and acting as your own agent can be a satisfying experience. You will have to contend with a lack of exposure — you probably won’t have access to MLS or a broker’s contacts. Buyers are also usually more comfortable dealing with a broker.

Be prepared to settle for a lower sale price than you might get with an agent. Be prepared to interview prospective agents by having a list of questions on hand. Take your time and get answers to everything on your list. As soon as your old home sells, you’ll get a mortgage loan and buy your new home back from us at the original price, plus our Homeward Convenience Fee. Get the professional guidance you need to sell your home to serious buyers fast. When I asked Yun if he’d try to sell soon or hold out until later in the year, he wasn’t bullish on waiting. He cited seasonal decline that tends to happen every winter.

According to the Redfin report, supply and demand have begun creeping back up in places that deemed real estate an essential service. Despite the pandemic, people remain motivated to move, for happy reasons and sad ones. The newly unemployed — at last count, at least 33 million — are being priced out of expensive areas and going in search of fresh opportunities. From hanging the “For Sale” sign, installing a lockbox and conducting open houses, to providing contract review and negotiation, we offer full service representation from listing to closing.

Sell Home

But there are additional considerations this year, including the nerve-wracking election, which could wreak more havoc on the economy, and uncertainty surrounding the pandemic. In many places, stay-at-home restrictions are now being loosened; in our area, real estate rules are relaxing.

You get full service listing experts who manage the process from consultation to closing. On average, your listing will settle for $4,400 more than the industry average and spend 55{8704f81107b584f493e88decf90659238c21f561fbbecd1b3b8ed03ce440a1aa} fewer days on market.

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