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Noreg er eit land i nord.Norway is a country in the north. tracts of land, an propertyÉg á þetta land og allt sem er á því.I personal this land and every thing on it. countryside, nationÉg bý úti á landi.I reside in the nation. To arrive at land, particularly a shore, or a dock, from a physique of water. To descend to a surface, particularly from the air.The plane is about to land.

The hurricane heart stated Theta had misplaced its tropical features and was no menace to land. If the path towards equality in sports was paved by King and Navratilova, contemplate Ng the bridge to a land of opportunity. Though there’s a lot buzz about Major being the primary rescue to land within the White House, that is not entirely right. The pilot was in a position to land the plane on the runway. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated corporations.

Authors submitting their analysis article to this journal are encouraged to deposit research information in a related information repository and cite and hyperlink to this dataset in their article. If this isn’t possible, authors are inspired to make a statement explaining why research information can’t be shared. There are several ways you possibly can share your data when you publish with Elsevier, which assist you to get credit score on your work and make your knowledge accessible and discoverable in your friends. Help increase a public dataset of research that assist the SDGs. Text is out there underneath the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; further terms might apply.

  • 2019 EPA-estimated forty one metropolis/38 hwy/forty mixed mpg estimates for RAV4 Hybrid AWD. Actual mileage will differ.
  • Based on 2019 RAV4 Hybrid vs. 2019 competitors.

“We’ve got quite a lot of billionaires within the district,” Queenstown Lakes mayor Jim Boult told the Guardian in 2018. With a NZ$30m personal hospital in the pipeline, international airport and a plethora of pampering options , the Queenstown Lakes district has lengthy drawn the admiration of the world’s privileged.


The crust, which currently forms the Earth’s land, was created when the molten outer layer of the planet Earth cooled to kind a solid mass as the accumulated water vapor began to act in the environment. Once land became capable of supporting life, biodiversity developed over tons of of million years, expanding regularly except when punctuated by mass extinctions. , the Earth’s magnetic area was established, which helped prevent the environment from being stripped away by the photo voltaic wind. The ambiance and oceans of the Earth repeatedly form the land by eroding and transporting solids on the surface. In reference to enterprise terminology land is also associated with Factor of production, as well as land is the primary factor of production and the revenue or revenue earned with help of land is treated as hire.

Jillian Jardine stated she needed to see the biodiversity and “iconic nature” of the land protected in perpetuity and stated her household had spent four years discussing the decision. Remarkables station homeowners, Dick and Jillian Jardine, whose family have owned and labored the land for ninety eight years, want to see it protected and loved for an additional century. The stretch of land on the foot of the Remarkables range will turn into open to everyone in 2022, after being handed over to the Queen Elizabeth II National Trust for “the profit and pleasure of all New Zealanders”. A New Zealand farming household has gifted 900 hectares of pristine land by the edge of Lake Wakatipu to the crown, saying it’s “the best thing to do”.

The Jovian planets include Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. While these planets are larger, their only land surface is a small rocky core surrounded by a big, thick atmosphere. The fuel giants, Jupiter and Saturn, are thought to have floor layers composed of liquid hydrogen rather than strong land; nevertheless, their planetary geology is not well understood. The possibility of Uranus and Neptune possessing sizzling, extremely compressed, supercritical water under their thick atmospheres has been hypothesised. While their composition is still not totally understood, a 2006 examine by Wiktorowicz et al. dominated out the possibility of such a water “ocean” existing on Neptune, although some research have advised that exotic oceans of liquid diamond are attainable.

Land, sometimes referred to as dry land, is the stable floor of Earth that isn’t permanently coated by water. The overwhelming majority of human exercise all through history has occurred in land areas that help agriculture, habitat, and varied pure resources. Some life types have developed from predecessor species that lived in bodies of water. Map displaying Earth’s land areas, in shades of green and yellow. For the music by Joan Armatrading and Pam Nestor, see Dry Land. land1241, Codex Holmiensis, prologue.Mæth logh skal land byggæs.With regulation shall land be built. Det var mangel på land for jordbruk.There was a scarcity of land for agriculture.

Our agency promotes safety, security, and environmental protection of the just about 200 miles instantly alongside the worldwide boundary in New Mexico, Arizona, and California. Through partnerships, we’ve been preventing unlawful smuggling and figuring out transnational threats, all while promoting conservation efforts on these public lands. The result is a secure and secure surroundings for the public, employees, and public land users.

Our method to vitality development supported more than 241,000 jobs in Fiscal Year 2016, and generated $sixty five.7 billion in financial output. The Bureau of Land Management up to date its Mineral Materials Disposal Handbook to ensure consistency amongst BLM offices and provide readability for corporations engaged on cut up estate lands.

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