Selling A House

Sell Home

Pass the baton to your real estate agent to market your home all over the internet using the MLS, top real estate listing websites, social media and virtual tours. Don’t forget about the old-fashioned local flyers and for-sale sign in the yard. Stage your home to help buyers visualize living there with guidance from your real estate agent on furniture placement and decor touches. Buyers interested in touring your home will ask their agent to book a tour through your agent, so you don’t have to manage any communication or scheduling with buyers directly. A good real estate agent will help manage the showings with your schedule. You do, however, need to be flexible and prepared to skedaddle on a whim. As much as an exhaustive real estate marketing plan can drum up interest around your home, buyers want to see it in person (with their very own eyes!) before making any kind of commitment.

The more people who tour the home, the more likely you are to receive an offer. You may need to allow buyers to come through, even when the timing isn’t convenient. With Opendoor, you can receive a competitive offer on your home and then move on your own timeline without listing on the market. This enables you to skip several of the steps outlined in this guide. Unlike a home flipper that’s investing in undervalued homes to maximize price appreciation, Opendoor makes a competitive offer on houses that are in good condition. For assisting you with the sale, the listing agent will typically charge 5-6{8704f81107b584f493e88decf90659238c21f561fbbecd1b3b8ed03ce440a1aa} commission that then gets split with the buyer’s agent. Keep in mind, there are other costs to selling your home beyond agent commissions.

After you receive your top agent recommendations, set up interviews with each one to find a professional you mesh with on a personal level. After all, you’ll end up spending a lot of time together… and you’re putting your home in their hands, so you need to trust them. Here are some things to remember when you interview real estate agents. The top 5{8704f81107b584f493e88decf90659238c21f561fbbecd1b3b8ed03ce440a1aa} of real estate agents across the U.S. sell homes for as much as 10{8704f81107b584f493e88decf90659238c21f561fbbecd1b3b8ed03ce440a1aa} more than the average real estate agent, our data shows.

Most sellers assume that the buyer has been through the process and knows the stages of buying a home. By aligning yourself with a local mortgage company first, you are giving the loan officer leads in return for assisting you with the transaction, a virtual win-win. Financing can sell a home just as quickly as good staging. Closing costs can get expensive quickly , so this becomes a great incentive.Give a transferable home warranty to cover home appliance malfunction. These typically only cost $300 to $500, but give the potential buyer peace of mind that if anything goes wrong, they won’t have to shell out extra for it.Offer expedited closing on the home. Many buyers who see their dream house want to live in it right away.

There are NO legal fees and NO agent fees; in fact you don’t even need to incur costs refurbishing your home which you certainly would on the open market. Essentially, the offer we make to you is exactly what you will receive. Our sell house fast offer is a genuine cash purchase offer for your property. Our offers are at Trade Price so they will typically be between 75-85{8704f81107b584f493e88decf90659238c21f561fbbecd1b3b8ed03ce440a1aa} of market value. Remember, you pay no fees, and it will put you in the strongest possible financial position. Your personal situation will also affect how much money you’ll get to keep at closing. If any liens exist against your property, you must pay them off before you can transfer title to your buyer.

Sell Home

Work with a HomeLight concierge to find the best real estate agents in your area to sell your home. national average real estate agent commission rate is 5.8{8704f81107b584f493e88decf90659238c21f561fbbecd1b3b8ed03ce440a1aa}, which the listing agent will split with the buyer’s agent. It’s technically negotiable, but good luck trying to find a real estate agent who will agree to less than what is standard for the area. Remember, a real estate agent can turn you away before you sign the listing agreement.

HomeLight gathers real estate transaction data to identify these top performing real estate agents all over the country based on their actual transaction history. The paperwork that accompanies a home sale is detailed and exhaustive and laws and regulations vary from state to state, making it even harder to master unless you’re working in it all day every day. A good real estate agent knows the process like the back of their hand and will make sure you walk away without any legal issues or regrets. Market your house across an array of social media and real estate platforms, not to mention the network of buyer’s agents they have on speed dial.

Given that you’ve got so much money on the line, you deserve satisfaction. Make yourself scarce when potential buyers come to view your home. Let them imagine themselves in the space, free from the distraction of meeting and talking to you. Generally, buyers are accompanied by their own real estate agent to view your home, or you can ask your own agent to be present at showings. But an experienced agent earns the fee by exposing your house to the broadest possible audience to garner the best offers possible, and negotiating on your behalf. If you go it alone, you’ll have to personally manage prepping your home, marketing it, reviewing buyers’ offers, all of the negotiations and closing details. For example, geography might influence how long your house lingers on the market and how much mark-up you can get away with.

ELPs are professional real estate agents who have a track record of success and excellent customer service. There’s not a one-size-fits-all answer to how long it will take to sell your home.

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