Things That Need to be Considered in Choosing Addiction Treatment and Recovery Clinic

Information systems are a vital element in the development of an organization or company in today’s digital era. However, if it is wrong in choosing an information system it will be fatal. Not only is it a waste of investment, but of course it will also hinder the rapid development of an organization/company itself.

A hospital or rehab clinic is a community service organization, which not only aims to provide services from the health side but also always tries to provide transparency and speed of billing or billing for patients.

For this reason, to facilitate management in realizing the mission to provide the best service, it is time for the fast-paced information era, where time, speed, and all transparency are added values ‚Äč‚Äčthat every hospital or clinic management must be able to provide to gain the trust of the public.

This can be supported and realized by the Hospital Management Information System. Product selection, to get services that are tested and appropriate for hospitals or clinics, can be done by considering several factors such as:

1. Patient Needs

Patients expect a health service to provide fast, comfortable, and quality services. The high level of patient mobility demands fast communication and services between patients and health institutions, which are then between patients and doctors.

Patients will be greatly helped if the hospital system can provide easy registration. In fact, for the patient what means of communication is not important because the factor of speed, comfort, and the correctness of the documented data is the most important.

2. Needs of Hospital Managers

From the point of view of hospital managers, of course, they want an ideal, special system that can manage all existing transactions accurately, efficiently, and quickly, so that there is no word ‘too late’ in making reports for each medical service unit because each report will be printed. automatic and sent automatically too.

Whenever this can happen and the system can properly manage and present data

“TRUE”, so the manager will benefit a lot because it reduces the workload of all components in the hospital and that means efficiency (saving funds). Hospital managers can allocate these savings for human resource development, development of hospital facilities, and increase employee welfare.

The ideal inpatient clinic must be able to reduce the workload of each service unit. Globally, it is expected that the system’s capabilities can be described as follows:

  • Can reduce the workload of various units, especially medical records units in ‘handling medical record files. With an inpatient clinic, this section is the first to be migrated into an electronic medical record. So that all processes are carried out automatically with a computer.
  • Inpatient clinics can facilitate treatments such as stress reduction including yoga, mindfulness meditation, therapeutic arts and drama, mountain and beach walks.
  • Can support decisions for hospital directors and managers because the system can provide fast, accurate, and accountable information. For this purpose, the system must be able to provide executive summary reports for management.

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