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Have the most appropriate database of potential serious buyers of your property. b) Intelligently price your house to achieve the most successful outcome given the prevailing market conditions. You will have to agree and sign the estate agent’s terms of business . Also, the best time to start making offers on potential new homes will differ dependent on your PropCast™ rating and how easily and quickly your old home is likely to sell.

It’s one of the two primary factors that will determine how much interest you generate in your home from buyers that can go the distance & complete on your sale. Selling a house is inherently an activity that has an uncertain outcome. Chains breakdown, buyers change their minds, structural issues come out of the woodwork – there are a million and one things that can and do go wrong. As a buyer you can choose to make an offer but as a seller you have to wait for an offer to come (& hope it’s at a reasonable and acceptable level).

In all fairness, these services are just as effective as your ‘average’ high street estate agent . Really the only opinions that matter are those of the buyers currently active in your market. It’s hard to know who to trust that’s why we created PropCast™ – the UK’s first house selling weather forecast. To get the best result you need to be a student of your local house sale market, and know how hot or cold it is (and which way it’s moving). Discover how much property sold for with our comprehensive house price data. Rightmove has over 800,000 properties for sale throughout the UK, giving you the UK’s largest selection of new build and resale homes. What sets WeBuyAnyHome apart from other companies is that we have our own money ready and waiting to buy your house.

Review recent sales of comparable homes in your area to get a sense of where you should price your home. Look for sale prices for homes with similar finished square footage, bedroom and bathroom count, and lot size. You can use the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s HPI calculator to refine your pricing, but don’t take its word as gospel. And don’t bother with an appraisal; you’ll spend $300 to $500 to confirm what you’ve already determined at no cost, and the buyer’s bank will conduct its own appraisal during underwriting, anyway. An agent casts an objective, even critical eye over your home, identifying issues to address before listing or which discounts to apply to the list price in light of issues.

Sell Home

There is no one ‘right way’ to move home – there are advantages and disadvantages to buying first, selling first and doing both at the same time. Especially when it comes to decisions about pricing and/or choosing your estate agent.

Don’t choose the estate agent you dislike the least or the one that gives you the highest valuation or the lowest fee. This is especially true when selling a leasehold property as it can takes weeks to get hold of the Management Information Pack. Most buyers and sellers opt to use a licensed conveyancer or solicitor .

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