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Cesare Lampronti, a London-based art dealer who maintained an in depth relationship with Berlusconi for three decades, told the BBC that the billionaire was an impulsive buyer. His main residence was adorned with works by the Renaissance painter Titian and the Dutch grand master Rembrandt. According to Vittorio Sgarbi, the 25,000 work are largely croste, poor quality works of little to no worth.

What Occurs When Computer Systems Take On Certainly One Of ‘most Human’ Art Forms?

I do not forget that the work was constantly going offline, because no one was tending to it. I used the primary individual as a very aware effort for numerous causes. Also, I feel that for readers, particularly ones which may not learn about these artworks truly, this provides a truer sense of what these works are.

It was later revealed that Skate Capital was performing on behalf of the Polish firm Abbey …